Seminar Schedule

Semester A - 2021/22

Date Time Topic Speaker Institution
Sep 8, Wed 10:00 AM Robustness in Process Data Analytics Professor Biao Huang University of Alberta
Sep 15, Wed 10:00 AM Dynamics-based Data Science Professor Luonan Chen Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sep 15, Wed 3:00 PM HKIAS Rising Star Lecture Professor Junhui Wang
Dr. Pierre Nolin
Dr. Xianpeng Hu
City University of Hong Kong
Sep 28, Wed 10:00 AM Uncertainty Quantification: Data Science for Working in the Uncertain World Professor Peter CHIEN University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sep 29, Wed 4:00 PM Climate, Carbon and Computer Science Professor Srinivasan Keshav University of Cambridge
Oct 6, Wed 10:00 AM White-Box Deep (Convolution) Networks from First Principles Professor Yi Ma University of California, Berkeley
Oct 13, Wed 10:00 AM High Dimensional Dynamic Covariance Matrices with Homogeneous Structure Professor Wenyang Zhang University of York
Oct 20, Wed 10:00 AM Advances in Nonlinear Mixed-integer and Generalized Disjunctive Programming and Applications to the Optimization of Engineering Systems Professor Ignacio E. Grossmann Carnegie Mellon University
Oct 27, Wed 9:00 AM Toward Real-time Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Machine Learning Professor Leslie Ying University at Buffalo, the State University of New York (SUNY)
Nov 3, Wed 10:00 AM   Professor Jane Wang University of British Columbia
Nov 10, Wed 10:00 AM   Dr. Jiequn Han Princeton University/Flatiron Institute
Nov 17, Wed 10:00 AM   Professor Ruey Tsay University of Chicago
Nov 24, Wed 10:00 AM   Professor Yiran Chen Duke University
Dec 8, Wed 10:00 AM   Professor Steven Brunton University of Washington
Dec 15, Wed 10:00 AM   Professor Ciprian Crainiceanu Johns Hopkins