Seminar Schedule

Semester A - 2023/24

Date Time Topic Speaker Institution
Sep 27, Wed 2:00 PM Rethinking the Optimization Techniques for Real-Time Systems Dr Haibo ZENG University of California at Berkeley


Summer Term - 2022/23

Date Time Topic Speaker Institution
Jul 18, Mon 1:00 PM PHM of Complex Engineering Systems – Methods and Applications Professor Yan-Fu LI Tsinghua University


Semester B - 2022/23

Date Time Topic Speaker Institution
Apr 24, Mon 9:00 AM Robust Machine Learning in Biometric Recognition Dr Chun Pong LAU Johns Hopkins University
Apr 4, Tue 10:00 AM Machine Learning-based Lifetime Prediction and Charging Optimization of Lithium-ion Batteries Prof Richard D. BRAATZ Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Mar 24, Fri 9:30 AM Towards Intelligent Decision-making with Guaranteed Trustworthiness Mr Jianyi YANG University of California, Riverside
Mar 17, Fri 3:30 PM The Role of Over-Parameterization in Machine Learning - A Function Space Perspective Dr Fanghui LIU Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Mar 8, Wed 10:00 AM Modeling and Active Learning for Experiments with Quantitative-Sequence Factors Prof Xinwei DENG Virginia Tech
Mar 6, Mon 09:00 AM Neyman-Pearson and Equal Opportunity: When Efficiency Meets Fairness in Classification Mr Shunan YAO University of Southern California
Feb 28, Tue 09:30 AM When AI meets Spatio-Temporal Data: Concepts, Methodologies, and Applications Mr Yuxuan LIANG National University of Singapore
Feb 22, Wed 10:00 AM AI-EDGE: Designing Future XG Networks and Distributed Intelligence Prof Ness B. SHROFF The Ohio State University
Feb 22, Wed 08:50 AM Local Perspectives in Networks: Partial Information in Latent Space Models and Local Community Detection Ms Lijia WANG University of Southern California
Feb 15, Wed 10:00 AM Robust Satisficing Prof Melvyn SIM National University of Singapore
Feb 8, Wed 10:00 AM Traffic Flow Modeling, Control and Optimization in a Connected Environment Professor Petros IOANNOU University of Southern California
Jan 31, Tue 09:30 AM Data-informed Models and Insights on Human-centric Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Planning and Demand Management Dr Wei WEI Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Jan 18, Wed 10:00 AM Towards Trustworthy Learning and Reasoning under Noisy Data Prof Bo HAN Hong Kong Baptist University
Jan 17, Tue 2:30 PM Intelligent and Immersive Data Space: Efficiency and Privacy Dr Pengyuan ZHOU USTC
Jan 11, Wed 10:00 AM Wide Area Grid Edge Monitoring and Applications Prof Yilu LIU University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jan 9, Mon 9:30 AM Data-Driven Decision Making with Safety Guarantee Mr Haoming SHEN University of Michigan



Semester A - 2022/23

Date Time Topic Speaker Institution
Dec 14, Wed 10:00 AM No Equations, No Variables, No Space, No Time: Data and the Modeling of Complex Systems Prof Yannis G. KEVREKIDIS Johns Hopkins University
Dec 7, Wed 10:00 AM Differentiable Programming for Modeling and Control of Energy Systems Dr Draguna VRABIE Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Nov 23, Wed 10:00 AM A Multi-Scale Energy Systems Engineering Approach Towards Optimal Energy, Mobility, Process & Materials Transition Strategies Prof Stratos PISTIKOPOULOS Texas A&M University
Nov 16, Wed 10:00 AM Machine Learning for Precision Medicine Professor Martin ESTER Simon Fraser University
Oct 26, Wed 10:00 AM Battle Type 1 Diabetes with Data Analytics: Rule-based Methods and Collaborative Learning Professor Shuai HUANG University of Washington
Oct 12, Wed 10:00 AM Public Health Data Science, Wearable Devices, and Functional Data Analysis Professor Jeff GOLDSMITH Columbia University
Oct 5, Wed 10:00 AM Approximation Theory of Deep Learning for Sequence Modelling Professor Qianxiao LI National University of Singapore
Sep 16, Fri 2:30 PM Structure-Adaptive and Data-Driven Large-Scale Optimization Dr Junqi TANG University of Cambridge


Summer Term - 2021/22

Date Time Topic Speaker Institution
Aug 17, Wed 9:00 AM Towards Efficient and Robust NLP Systems Mr Yuxiang WU University College London
Aug 3, Wed 10:00 AM Learning and Optimization in Power Transmission Systems: Paving the Road to Sustainable Energy Dr Terrence W.K. MAK ARPA-E of the U.S. Department of Energy


Semester B - 2021/22

Date Time Topic Speaker Institution
Apr 27, Wed 11:00 AM Learning and Control in Power Distribution Grids Prof Steven LOW California Institute of Technology
Apr 26, Tue 10:00 AM Data-drive Specialization towards Intelligent Internet of Things Dr Zimu ZHOU Singapore Management University
Mar 23, Wed 10:00 AM Graph Computing for Quantum Chemistry and Physics Prof Shuiwang JI Texas A&M University
Mar 14, Mon 10:00 AM Data-driven Battery Science: Elucidating The Mechanisms Of The Battery Degradation With Synchrotron X-ray Techniques Dr Jizhou LI Stanford University
Mar 8, Tue 10:00 AM Knockoff Statistics for Variable Selection in Genetic Association Studies with Trio Design Dr Yi YANG Columbia University
Feb 23, Wed 10:00 AM From Digital to Universal Manufacturing Professor Andrew KUSIAK University of Iowa
Feb 22, Tue 10:00 AM Deep Neural Networks Explainability: Algorithms and Applications Dr Mengnan DU Texas A&M University
Feb 16, Wed 10:00 AM The Euler Characteristic: A General Topological Descriptor for Complex Data Professor Victor M. ZAVALA University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jan 26, Wed 10:00 AM The Interplay between Learning and Control in Zeroth-order Methods Professor Na LI Harvard University
Jan 19, Wed 10:00 AM Signal and Data Science for Physiological Forensics Professor Min WU University of Maryland


Semester A - 2021/22

Date Time Topic Speaker Institution
Dec 15, Wed 10:00 AM Biostatistical methods for wearable devices with applications to NHANES and UK Biobank Professor Ciprian CRAINICEANU Johns Hopkins University
Dec 8, Wed 10:00 AM Machine Learning for Sparse Nonlinear Modeling and Control Professor Steven L. BRUNTON University of Washington
Nov 24, Wed 10:00 AM Scalable, Heterogeneity-Aware and Privacy-Enhancing Federated Learning Professor Yiran CHEN Duke University
Nov 17, Wed 10:00 AM Divide-and-Conquer: A Distributed Hierarchical Factor Approach to Modeling Large-Scale Time Series Data Professor Ruey S. TSAY University of Chicago
Nov 10, Wed 10:00 AM Solving High-Dimensional Control Problems with Deep Learning Dr Jiequn HAN Princeton University / Flatiron Institute
Nov 3, Wed 10:00 AM Adversarial Deep Learning in Digital Image Forensics Professor Jane WANG University of British Columbia
Oct 27, Wed 9:00 AM Toward Real-time Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Machine Learning Professor Leslie YING University at Buffalo, the State University of New York (SUNY)
Oct 20, Wed 10:00 AM Advances in Nonlinear Mixed-integer and Generalized Disjunctive Programming and Applications to the Optimization of Engineering Systems Professor Ignacio E. GROSSMANN Carnegie Mellon University
Oct 13, Wed 10:00 AM High Dimensional Dynamic Covariance Matrices with Homogeneous Structure Professor Wenyang ZHANG University of York
Oct 6, Wed 10:00 AM White-Box Deep (Convolution) Networks from First Principles Professor Yi MA University of California, Berkeley
Sep 29, Wed 4:00 PM Climate, Carbon and Computer Science Professor Srinivasan KESHAV University of Cambridge
Sep 28, Wed 10:00 AM Uncertainty Quantification: Data Science for Working in the Uncertain World Professor Peter CHIEN University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sep 15, Wed 3:00 PM HKIAS Rising Star Lecture Professor Junhui WANG
Dr Pierre NOLIN
Dr Xianpeng HU
City University of Hong Kong
Sep 15, Wed 10:00 AM Dynamics-based Data Science Professor Luonan CHEN Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sep 8, Wed 10:00 AM Robustness in Process Data Analytics Professor Biao HUANG University of Alberta