School Advisory Committee (SAC)



Mr Joseph TSE Lap-bun (謝立斌先生) 
Nationwide Financial Services Holdings Limited



Mr Angad BANGA
Chief Operating Officer
The Caravel Group Limited

Mr CHAN Chau Fat, JP (陳秋發先生)
Assistant Director/Railways
Railways Branch
Electrical & Mechanical Services Department, HKSAR Government

Dr Rocky CHENG Chung-ngam (鄭松岩博士) 
Chief Information Officer
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited

Mr Alan CHEUNG (張偉倫先生)
Senior Director, Trust and Artificial Intelligence Technologies
Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd. (ASTRI)

Mr David KWOK Sek-chi (郭錫志先生)
Deputy Chairman, Managing Director & Chief Executive
Shanghai Commercial Bank Limited

Dr Raymond LEUNG Siu-hong (梁少康博士) 
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Altai Technologies Limited

Dr John QIU Jian-hang (邱建杭博士)
Chief Operating Officer - Renewable Business
Towngas Smart Energy Co. Ltd.


Ex-officio Member (Convenor)

Professor Jun WANG (王鈞教授)
Dean and Chair Professor
School of Data Science, CityU


Internal Members

Professor Zijun ZHANG (張子鈞教授)
Associate Dean and Professor
School of Data Science, CityU

Professor Lishuai LI (李立帥博士)
Associate Professor
School of Data Science, CityU