Bachelor of Science in Data and Systems Engineering (BSc DSE)

Admission Code
JS1074 (JUPAS) /
1074 (Direct Application for Normative 4-year Entry) /

1718A (Direct Application for Advanced Standing I & II Entry)
Normal Period of Study
4 years (Normative 4-year Study) /
3 years (Advanced Standing I) /
2 years (Advanced Standing II)
Mode of Study
Mode of Funding
Programme Leader
Dr. Zijun ZHANG
Deputy Programme Leader
Dr. Clint Chin Pang HO

What You Will Be Studying

Offering a solid foundation in data science and intelligent systems, the BSc Data and Systems Engineering programme equips students with strong analytical and decision-making skills, enabling them to analyse, manage and improve enterprise-class systems. The enterprises considered may be businesses, governmental institutions or service-oriented engineering organisations. Main data science application subjects in this program covers data-driven financial technologies, smart city artificial intelligence, and industrial internet of things.

BSc Data and Systems Engineering students are nurtured to become analytically minded and versatile graduates capable of collecting, analysing and interpreting big data and transforming these massive amounts of information into insights into ways of improving decision making in their organisations.

The programme provides four flexible categories of advanced knowledge:
a) FinTech
b) Industrial AI
c) Smart City
d) Internet of Things (IoT)

Professional Recognition

This major is designed to meet the accreditation requirement of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE). Accreditation for the programme will be sought from the HKIE.

Graduate Opportunities

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Student Stories

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Major Structure / Major Requirements

Normative 4-year Degree
Advanced Standing I (ASI)
Advanced Standing II (ASII)

Student Handbook and Model Study Path

Note: Students admitted to an undeclared major (BDDS) and have declared home major for BScDSE will follow the Major Requirements of the next Catalogue Term. e.g. Students admitted to BDDS in 2019/20 and have declared major in BScDSE will follow the Major requirements of the Catalogue Term Semester A 2020/21.

Last modified on 7 October, 2021