Undergraduate Programmes

Undergraduate Programmes

The School of Data Science (SDSC) offers interdisciplinary undergraduate curricula that provide a solid foundation in data science and state-of-the-art spectra of data science subjects, as well as the chance to undertake projects and courses connected with promising application areas in data science, such as FinTech, industrial AI, social media analysis, the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart City, Artificial Intelligence and statistical learning approaches.

Fostering intellectual curiosity and autonomy, the SDSC provides students with ample opportunities to participate in open-ended projects and realise their dream data science products. Through its extensive industry partnerships and networks, the SDSC will prepare a new breed of data science professionals to excel in inter-disciplinary and cross-functional collaboration.

School of Data Science (BDDS)


Bachelor of Science in Data and Systems Engineering (BScDSE)


Bachelor of Science in Data Science (BScDS)


Minor in Data Science