Student Activities

Student Ambassadors


The SDSC Student Ambassadors is a group of dedicated students bridging the communication gap between undergraduate students and our academic staff. Student Ambassadors are positioned as an essential asset for the promotion of diverse activities and initiatives.

Through the Student Ambassador scheme, SDSC aims to nurture students in acquiring leadership which is highly sought after by employers nowadays. The scheme creates a supportive environment to foster student development in vital future-ready skills, for instance, communicative skills, interpersonal skills, organisation skills, event management, peer support, etc. Student Ambassadors are empowered to organise various events to hone their acquired skills by practice.

Student Chapter


The Student Chapter primarily aims to foster a strong sense of belonging among our undergraduate students within the School. Currently, we are proud to have over 30 core members who have actively helped to organized various educational enrichment activities, as well as social and cultural events. In addition, they have also supported in various School functions such as Information Day and Commencement.

By becoming a part of the Student Chapter, students not only have the opportunity to assist the School and their fellow peers but also gain valuable experiences to enhance their professional development and personal growth. We warmly invite you to join the Student Chapter and encourage you to participate in the activities organized by the Chapter.

Industrial Visits


An industrial visit complements the academic curricula via out-of-classroom learning. It presents the opportunity for students to associate classroom theoretical and methodological training with industrial practice in real-life settings. The exposure to state-of-the-art facilities, practices, and management caters to raise student awareness in the latest industry development, inspire career aspiration and inculcate ethical values and responsibilities.