Academic Staff

Faculty Members

Professor Jun WANG
Professor Jun WANG
Chair Professor of Computational Intelligence
BEng and MEng (Dalian University of Technology), PhD (Case Western Reserve University)
Contact: (+852) 3442-2148 
Office: LAU-16-206
Research Interest: Computational Intelligence; Neural Computation; Optimization Methods; Data Processing; Intelligent Control
Personal Secretary

Ms Angel ANG 
Tel: (+852) 3442-2147
Office: LAU-16-202

Dr. ZHANG Zijun (張子鈞博士)
Professor Zijun ZHANG
Associate Dean and Professor
BEng (Chinese University of Hong Kong), MSc and PhD (University of Iowa)
Contact: (+852) 3442-5328 
Office: YEUNG-P7318
Research Interest: Data Analytics, Computational Intelligence, System Modeling and Optimization, Renewable Energy
Professor Way KUO
Professor Way KUO
Senior Fellow of Hong Kong Institute for Advanced Study
Emeritus President and University Distinguished Professor
Contact: (+852) 3442-2430 
Office: AEB-007
Research Interest: Modeling, Evaluating and Estimating Reliability of Modern Systems, with Emphasis on Optimal System Design; Reliability Design for Microelectronics and Nano Products
Professor Jonathan ZHU
Professor Jonathan ZHU
Chair Professor of Computational Social Science
BA and MA (Fudan University), PhD (Indiana University)
Contact: (+852) 3442-7186 
Office: CMC-M5061
Research Interest: Structure, Diffusion; Use and Effect of New Media; Network Analysis of Online Communications; Web Mining, e-Social Science; Quantitative Research Methodology; Statistical Analysis; Social Computing
Professor Minghua CHEN
Professor Minghua CHEN
BEng and MSc (Tsinghua University), PhD (University of California, Berkeley)
Contact: (+852) 3442-4206 
Office: LAU-16-229
Research Interest: Online Optimization and Algorithms, Capitalizing the Benefit of Data-driven Prediction in Algorithm/System Design, Machine Learning in Networked and Societal Systems, Energy Systems (e.g., smart power grids and energy-efficient data centers), Intelligent Transportation Systems, Delay-constrained Networking
Professor Lishuai LI
Professor Lishuai LI
Associate Professor
BEng (Fudan University), MSc and PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Contact: (+852) 3442-4726 
Office: LAU-16-276
Research Interest: Intelligent Transportation Systems, Air Transport and Operations, Data Mining and Computational Intelligence
Professor TAN Matthias Hwai-yong (陳怀勇博士)
Professor Matthias Hwai-yong TAN
Associate Professor
BEng (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia), MEng (National University of Singapore), PhD (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Contact: (+852) 3442-5651 
Office: LAU-16-264
Research Interest: Statistical Modeling and Inference for Engineering, Uncertainty Quantification in Computer Simulations, Design and Analysis of Experiments, Statistical Quality Improvement
Professor WU Qi (吳琦 博士)
Professor Qi WU
Associate Professor
BEng (Wuhan University), MSc (Peking University), PhD (Columbia University)
Contact: (+852) 3442-7018 
Office: LAU-16-275
Research Interest: Quantitative Finance, Financial Technology, Business Analytics
Professor Li ZENG
Professor Li ZENG
Associate Professor
BEng and MSc (Tsinghua University), MSc and PhD (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Contact: (+852) 3442-4381 
Office: LAU-16-278
Research Interest: Statistical Machine Learning, Quality Engineering, Data Analytics in Manufacturing and Biomedical Engineering
Professor Xiang ZHOU
Professor Xiang ZHOU
Associate Professor
BSc (Peking University), PhD (Princeton University)
Contact: (+852) 3442-6421 
Office: LAU-16-277
Research Interest: Applied and Computational Mathematics, Rare Event, Stochastic Modelling and Simulation, Energy Landscape, Machine Learning
Professor Yining DONG
Professor Yining DONG
Assistant Professor
BEng (Tsinghua University), PhD (University of Southern California)
Contact: (+852) 3442-4396 
Office: LAU-16-221
Research Interest: Process Data Analytics, Multivariate Time Series Modeling, Statistical Machine Learning, Smart Manufacturing and New Material Design
Professor HO Chin Pang
Professor Clint Chin Pang HO
Assistant Professor
BSc (University of California, Los Angeles), MSc (University of Oxford), PhD (Imperial College London)
Contact: (+852) 3442-4031 
Office: LAU-16-228
Research Interest: Decision Making under Uncertainty, Robust Optimization, Computational Optimization, Operations Research
Professor Qing KE
Professor Qing KE
Assistant Professor
BEng and MSc (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications), PhD (Indiana University)
Contact: (+852) 3442-5243 
Office: LAU-16-270
Research Interest: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, Intellectual Property, Patents, Science and Technology Policy, Economic Geography, China, Network Science, Social Computing, Social Media
Prof Samuel Chun Pong LAU
Professor Samuel Chun Pong LAU
Assistant Professor    
BSc and MPhil (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), MS (University of Maryland, College Park) and PhD (Johns Hopkins University)
Contact: (+852) 3442-4620 
Office: LAU-16-273
Research Interest: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Biometrics, Adversarial Robustness, Generative AI, Scientific Computing
Professor Jizhou LI
Professor Jizhou LI
Assistant Professor
BSc and MSc (Hunan University), PhD (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Contact: (+852) 3442-7131 
Office: LAU-16-279
Research Interest: Imaging Science, Applied Machine Learning, Interdisciplinary Research
Professor Linyan Li
Professor Linyan LI
Assistant Professor
BEng (Tsinghua University), MSc and PhD (Harvard University)
Contact: (+852) 3442-5310 
Office: LAU-16-271
Research Interest: Spatial analysis, Healthcare data analytics, Environmental health, Smart city, Real world evidence (RWE)
Professor Xinyue LI (李忻月博士)
Professor Xinyue LI
Assistant Professor
BA and MSc (University of Chicago), PhD (Yale University)
Contact: (+852) 3442-2180 
Office: LAU-16-284
Research Interest: Wearable Device Data Analysis, Statistical Genetics, Electronic Health Record Analysis, Precision Medicine, Scalable Statistical Learning and Machine Learning Methods for Large Data Sets
Professor  Xiao QIAO
Professor Xiao QIAO
Assistant Professor
BSc (The Wharton School), BEng (University of Pennsylvania), PhD (University of Chicago)
Contact: (+852) 3442-4397 
Office: LAU-16-223
Research Interest: Financial Economics, Asset Pricing, Financial Data Analytics and Risk Management
Professor Lijia WANG
Professor Lijia WANG
Assistant Professor    
BS (University of California, Irvine), MS and PhD (University of Southern California)
Contact: (+852) 3442-5899 
Office: LAU-16-272
Research Interest: Network data analysis; Partial information in social networks; Local clustering; Multiple testing; Confidence interval; Naymen-Person classification; Asymmetric error control; Machine learning.
Professor Yi YANG
Professor Yi YANG
Assistant Professor
BS (Chu Kochen Honors College, Zhejiang University), MS and PhD (University of Minnesota)
Contact: (+852) 3442-4181 
Office: YEUNG-G5753
Research Interest: Variable selection in high-dimensional data, statistical methods for analysis of whole-genome sequencing data, knockoff statistics, Bayesian hierarchical models.
Professor YANG Yu (楊禹博士)
Professor Yu YANG
Assistant Professor
BEng (Hefei University of Technology), MEng (University of Science and Technology of China), PhD (Simon Fraser University)
Contact: (+852) 3442-4035 
Office: LAU-16-283
Research Interest: Large-scale Graph Mining, Data Mining and Processing, Stochastic and Combinatorial Optimization, Influence/Information Diffusion in Networks, Dense Subgraph Detection, Graph Representation
Professor ZHAO Xiangyu
Professor Xiangyu ZHAO
Assistant Professor
BEng (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China), MSc (University of Science and Technology of China), and PhD (Michigan State University)
Contact: (+852) 3442-5242 
Office: LAU-16-282
Research Interest: Machine Learning and Data Mining, Reinforcement Learning/AutoML/Multimodal, Information Retrieval (Recommender Systems, Online Advertising, Search Engine), Urban Computing and Spatio-Temporal Data Analysis, AI for Social Computing/Finance/Education/Ecosystem/Healthcare
Professor Zimu Zhou
Professor Zimu ZHOU
Assistant Professor    
BEng (Tsinghua University), PhD (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Contact: (+852) 3442-4037 
Office: LAU-16-226
Research Interest: Machine Learning for Mobile and IoT Systems, Ubiquitous Sensing, Urban Computing and Spatiotemporal Data Management.