Student Stories

Wong Yi, Ellen

I have loved computing and data analysis since I was a little, which is why I found myself at a crossroads when I received two university offers – one from the Biochemical Science and Technology programme at National Taiwan University and the other from the Data and System Engineering programme at CityU – at the same time.

It took me two days to make a choice.

After doing a lot of research and asking many people for advice, I came to understand that data science is not only about managing data, but devising business solutions. As this means that data science expertise will be in high demand across different industries, I became drawn both to the meaningful nature of this field and its bright prospects.

The Data and System Engineering degree programme at SDSC is designed to equip students with a wide range of knowledge and skills, with a curriculum covering four main areas: Internet of Things, smart city, introduction to data science and system analytics. This, along with CityU’s reputation for offering abundant exchange and internship opportunities, was why I eventually chose SDSC.

Febrian Manuel

As technology develops, our daily lives are becoming more entwined with data. I believe without a doubt that data science is the future. That’s why I have always paid particular attention to degree programmes related to data science.

I had my hesitations at first, unsure if I would be able to keep up with a data science major. It wasn’t until I attended my first lesson at SDSC that I realized how enjoyable this discipline could be. In our classes we learned to solve problems with mathematic calculations and computer programming. The CityU professors opened my eyes to whole new worlds of knowledge, and for that I am grateful.

I chose to study in Hong Kong for its international finance hub vibe. Among the universities here, I was most attracted by CityU’s reputation for innovation and professionalism – after all, it is ranked competitively at 55th out of all the universities in the world. I also liked CityU’s diverse student body and was excited by the opportunity to experience different cultures.

Lin Chun Yin

Mathematics was one of my favourite subjects back in high school. I enjoyed solving math problems and as such, have always dreamed of a number-crunching career. I imagined myself as a data scientist or data engineer. With data science becoming ever more important across different industries, I believe that the future is bright for any data science professional.

I chose CityU because it has its own independent School of Data Science. It means that as students, we will have access to the school’s own resources and receive the best possible support through our learning journeys.

Muhammed Danish

We live in a technological age where everyone is surrounded by data. But being around data is not enough – we should make use of the data available to us, and transform it into meaningful innovations that contribute to society.

I have always loved mathematics. To me it’s is not just about numbers – but critical thinking. The same goes for data science. When I told people that I was going to major in data science, they told me that it was going to be challenging. But no amount of warning could deter me from pursuing this field. After all, no matter one’s pursuit, perseverance and passion are always the most important pre-requisites, and I have no shortage of those.

University is one of the most remarkable chapters of a person’s life, which is why I was extra selective when deciding on a university. CityU stood out for its academic excellence, diversity, and availability of scholarships, which enabled students with varying financial backgrounds to study here. CityU allows me to learn alongside people from all corners of the world, giving us an inspiring place to learn from one another, embrace change and explore data science together.

Leung Chung Hin Timothy

Like most secondary school students, I wasn’t always able to differentiate between data science and statistics. So when it was time for me to choose one of them as my major, I wasn’t really sure what to do.

Thanks to the events and workshops organized by SDSC, I eventually came to understand that statistics is based on mathematical analysis, while data science is a multi-disciplinary field that uses computer programming and data interpretation for decision-making. I really appreciated SDSC’s efforts in explaining the meaning of data science to beginners like us.

CityU has established Hong Kong’s only stand-alone School of Data Science, bringing together the best professors and scholars, as well as data science knowledge – both applied and theoretical – to fulfil the needs of society. This is why I consider CityU SDSC a perfect choice for me.

Julian Dharma Tandy

As a child I used to vacation in Hong Kong with my family, and have always loved the atmosphere, culture and people here. I would say that Hong Kong is my favourite city in the world, and I’ve always dreamed of living here.

I did a lot of research and comparisons while selecting my university and academic programme. It did not take me long to decide on a major in data science – an eclectic discipline that combines mathematics, statistics, computer programming and business.

Since I chose a highly promising major, I knew I had to choose the best possible university too. Not only is CityU one of the top universities in Hong Kong, it also ranks competitively among all the universities in the world. I have full confidence that the data science programme at CityU will equip me for a bright future.

I am glad for the opportunity to study at CityU SDSC – a place that has become a home away from my home in Indonesia.

Ricky Adikurnia

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to major in data science. Why? I find it a very interesting and dynamic discipline, combining vastly different topics like mathematics, programming, physics, and even business and finance. No matter where it’s applied, I believe data science will only grow in relevance.

I got accepted in two universities in Hong Kong, both offering data science degree programmes. CityU was the clear choice: it has its own School of Data Science, promising a more focused and specialized data science study; the programme also covers a wider range of topics within data science.

I chose to study in Hong Kong for its reputation as a safe and developed city, and it has certainly lived up to that image. What’s more, thanks to the helpful and friendly staff and faculty at CityU SDSC, I’ve settled into my new life here very quickly!

Wong Kin Lok

I found out about data science as a major from JUPAS while I was planning for university. After visiting the CityU website, I knew that SDSC was the perfect choice for me. I have always loved numbers, and I was excited about working with lots of data. I was inspired by data analysis and the possibilities it engenders.

There’s no denying that we’re in the age of Big Data. Big Data is relevant across businesses and industries, and data science experts will undoubtedly be in high demand. Since data science can be applied to different disciplines such as marketing, studying it as my major will equip me comprehensively with the skills and perspectives I need for a successful future career.

Like other university students, I am always thinking about my future. And since CityU offers its students many opportunities to enrich their experiences and prepare for fruitful futures, such as overseas exchange or internships, I am sure that studying at CityU SDSC is the best choice for me.

Vanessa Faustine Buntara

I have been fascinated with numbers since I was a little kid. Mathematics can solve the world’s problems, and technology can turn data science into solutions and help businesses of all types maximize their performance. Data envelops us all and I cannot imagine a world without numbers. That’s why data science is my dream major: a platform from which I can explore a world of knowledge.

I chose to study in Hong Kong so I could live in an ethnically diverse modern city. CityU, as a top university in Asia and the world, enables me to create a dynamic network of multicultural fellow students and enrich my own knowledge through their lives and experiences. Even though data science is completely new to me, I was able to get up to speed quickly thanks to the patient teaching of CityU professors, who guided us through foundational knowledge like Mathematics Calculus and Computer Programming.