Professor Minghua CHEN led two SDSC researchers in winning the only Best Paper Award at ACM SIGEnergy premier international conference 2023

SDSC team won the only Best Paper Award at ACM e-Energy 2023 (ACM SIGEnergy top conference)

SDSC is most pleased to announce that a research team consisting our faculty member Professor Minghua CHEN, PhD student Mr. Junyan SU, and Research Associate Mr. Qiulin LIN, have won the only Best Paper Award for the paper entitled “Follow the Sun and Go with the Wind: Carbon Footprint Optimized Timely E-Truck Transportation", at the 14th ACM e-Energy, Orlando, Florida, June 20 - 23, 2023. The award was announced at the conference banquet where Minghua and Junyan received the award certificate.

In the work, the SDSC team develops a path-opening approach to minimize carbon footprint in timely transportation of electric heavy-duty truck operation, which is essential for sustainable trucking but is challenging due to its non-convexity, deadline and battery constraints, and combinatorial nature. Their developed efficient solution comes with strong performance guarantee and reduces up to 28% carbon footprint as compared to baseline alternatives, in extensive simulations based on real-world traces over a national highway system. They expects the novel approach to find applications beyond the problem studied in this paper.

SDSC team won the only Best Paper Award at ACM e-Energy 2023

ACM e-Energy is the flagship conference organized by ACM’s Special Interest Group on Energy Systems and Informatics (SIGEnergy). By bringing together researchers in a high-quality single-track conference with significant opportunities for individual and small-group interaction, it will serve as a premier forum for presentations and discussions that will shape the future of this area.

This year, ACM e-Energy accepts 31 full papers out of 135 submissions in its multi-rounds of submissions and revisions, with an acceptance rate of 23%.


ACM SIGEnergy is a professional forum for scientists, engineers, educators, and professionals for discussing energy systems and energy informatics. It brings together an inter-disciplinary group of computer scientists with diverse backgrounds in sensing, modelling, optimization, control, network and systems design, and experimentation to discuss and address key challenges in future energy systems, and their impact on society. SIGEnergy covers a broad range of topics in energy informatics, energy system design, analysis, and operation ranging from building energy management, renewable energy modelling and integration, energy storage system analysis, electric vehicle modelling and optimal operation, data-centre energy management, and energy impact on climate and society.

Congratulations to the joint efforts of SDSC researchers on their outstanding performance! For more information about the award, please visit