Dr. Qing KE Awarded NSFC Young Scientists Fund 2022

Dr. Qing KE Awarded Banner

Congratulations to Dr. Qing KE, Assistant Professor of the School of Data Science, on being awarded the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) – Young Scientists Fund 2022. He will receive HK$339,000 to conduct his research on “Quantifying Evolution of Science based on Representation Learning and Dynamic Clustering” over a period of three years commencing January 2023. Dr Ke are among the 4 awardees at CityU in 2022 to have received the NSFC Young Scientists Fund.

The NSFC Young Scientists Fund started accepting applications from Hong Kong researchers in 2022. It supports young researchers to freely choose their research topics within the funding scope of the NSFC to conduct basic research, fosters the ability of young scientists to independently undertake research projects and do creative research, stimulates the creative thinking of young scientists, and trains upcoming talents for basic research.