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News - 2018-07-05

5 JUL 2018 - CityU seizes data science initiative [CityU NewsCentre]

Prof. Jonathan Zhu Elected an ICA Fellow

26 MAY 2018 - Prof. Jonathan Zhu Elected an ICA Fellow

The International Communication Association (ICA) has recent elected Prof. Jonathan Zhu as a Fellow, to recognize his three-decade contributions to political communication research, new media studies, and computational communication research. Prof. Zhu is a Chair Professor of Computational Social Science with a joint appointment between Department of Media and Communication and School of Data Science. He is also Director of Centre for Communication Research and Founder of Web Mining Lab. His current research focuses on interdisciplinary issues such www typology, social network sampling, and mobile data analytics, with results published in journals across social science, science, and engineering such as communication, economics, computer science, physics, and medical informatics. In the last six months, he supervised students to win three major awards from two national data competitions, including a Creative Exploration Award in the 2017 CCF Big Data and Computing Intelligence Competition and two First-place Awards in the 2018 China National Data Journalism Competition.