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15 JUL 2020 - 城大辦「暑期中學教室」 讓中學生免費體驗大學課堂 [星島] 剪報

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13 JUL 2020 - 城大數據科學學院 - 打造知識、實戰兼備大數據專才 與各行各業並進 [明報JUMP] 內文 剪報

News 20200714

Professor S. Joe Qin speaks at IFAC World Congress 2020 Germany


Professor S. Joe Qin has been invited from the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) to speak at IFAC 2020 Germany, the 21st IFAC World Congress, 11-17 July 2020.


Professor Qin is among the 11 plenary/semi-plenary speakers of renowned scholars worldwide, and he is the only speaker from Hong Kong as well as the Greater China. This triennial world congress goes virtual this year due to the COVID-19.


In the plenary session on 14 July 2020, Professor Qin will share his insights on the development of an integrated framework of systems, data and industrial intelligence towards Industry 4.0, with the assistance of dynamic data analytics, automated knowledge extraction and visualization tools. Abstract of Prof Qin’s presentation can be obtained here.


The International Federation of Automatic Control was founded in September 1957. The multinational federation is concerned with automatic control and its representation in the fields of engineering, science and the impact of control technology on society. Professor Qin is one of the few IFAC Fellows from CityU.


18 JUNE 2020
First quantitative characterisation of the guarantee network’s evolution in a financial crisis [CityU Research Stories] (English / Traditional Chinese)
深度數據剖析 | 金融危機衝擊下,企業信貸擔保網絡經歷了怎麼的演進?[微信]

SDSC Forum 2020-05-28 and 2020-05-29

3 JUNE 2020
Data science and Covid-19: let the numbers talk

Reflecting our growing reputation for excellence in data science, leading scholars from City University of Hong Kong (CityU), Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cornell University, University of Texas at Austin, University of California, Irvine, University of Hong Kong and Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) convened online for an international forum on data, statistics and Covid-19 pandemic. [Read More]
(Presentation highlights: English / Simplified Chinese)

News 20200514

BOLD @ CityU - Data Science Powers the Future


Professor Joe QIN, Dean of School of Data Science, inspired us on the revolutionary impacts of data analytics tools and how our future world can be transformed by the applications of data science. Learn more from his talk here.

News 20200510

10 MAY 2020 - 大數據監察 - 新冠病毒疫情期間的情緒變化 [明報] 內文


BOLD @ CityU – Powerful Talks for Future Generations


BOLD stands for “Be Original, Leading Discovery” which is a forum series delivered by CityU notable professors. The Dean of School of Data Science, Professor Joe QIN, was also invited to share his insights on how data science could transform our future. You may click here for the trailer and more information about BOLD @ CityU.


The inaugural talk of President Way Kuo was launched on 30 April and Prof Qin’s talk will be scheduled on 14 May 2020 (Thursday). Stay tuned with us if you’re planning a pathway towards the field of data science!

News 20200417

Analyzing Data to cope with Coronavirus Pandemic

The School of Data Science co-hosted an online forum “Data Science Approach to the Coronavirus Pandemic” with College of Business and Hong Kong Institute for Data Science on 17 April 2020. More than 100 participants from CityU and other institutions joined the online forum.

The forum aims to help the public understand and cope with the pandemic through analyzing complex data and recent news. The moderator Prof Joe Qin, Dean of School of Data Science and Director of Hong Kong Institute for Data Science, started the forum by introducing data science approach to the coronavirus pandemic. Panelists included CityU academics Prof Jian Lu, Vice-President (Research and Technology); Prof Houmin Yan, Acting Dean of College of Business; Prof Frank Chen, Head of Department of Management Sciences; Dr Sean Yuan, Assistant Professor of Department of Biomedical Sciences;and Dr Qingpeng Zhang, Assistant Professor of School of Data Science, shared their views in their expertise.

During the Q&A session, participants asked questions thorough the online chatbox. The Panelists shared their views on the measures that different governments are taking to confront the pandemic and how the pandemic affect the global supply chain.

Please click here for the video of the online forum.

News 20200420

20 APR 2020 - 港數據講抗疫系列 - 大數據結合模型運算,「預言」有根有據 [大公報] 剪報


13 MAR 2020 - 數據科學看新型冠狀病毒 [信報] 內文 剪報


Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) - Fellowships Scheme

Fellowship awards are available for local students admitted to Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) under the Fellowships Scheme supported by the HKSAR Government. Local students admitted to the programme in full-time, part-time or combined study mode will be invited to submit applications for the fellowships. Please click to view more details about the Fellowships Scheme.


10 FEB 2020
CityU appoints Prof Si Zhao Qin as Director of HKIDS
We are pleased to announce the appointment of Prof Si Zhao QIN as the Director of Hong Kong Institute for Data Science (HKIDS) with immediate effect.
With the distinguished research background and extensive industry network of Prof Qin, we are certain that HKIDS will develop into an effective platform for researchers and practitioners to foster fruitful interactions and collaborations. If you are interested in any form of collaboration about data science, please do not hesitate to contact HKIDS at Thank you.


10 FEB 2020 - 城大數據科學學院課程 – 育才迎新時代 [明報] 訪問 剪報


Guest lecture by Mr Tobby Fu of ASTRI

It’s our honour to have invited Mr Tobby FU - ASTRI’s Director of Technical Marketing, as our guest speaker on 23 January 2020. Mr Fu has interpreted the role of data and data techniques, and how ASTRI’s business-ready applications reduce barriers to adopt new technology, such as cancer diagnosis, autonomous driving and more. He has also emphasized the importance of talents recruitment. To bridge the talent gap, ASTRI is in collaboration with the ecosystem partners and academia, as well as inviting talents to join the development of applicable knowledge to support social and economic advancements for smart city developments.

Interested students can check here for more information about internship at ASTRI.


Distinguished Seminar Series (January 2020)

We're delighted to have Dr Wendy Martinez, the President of American Statistical Association and the Director of Mathematical Statistics Research Center of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as the first speaker of the School’s Distinguished Seminar Series.

Dr Martinez delivered two interesting talks featuring Data Ethics (13 Jan) and Analyzing Text as Data (14 Jan), which had attracted the attendance of more than 70 students and faculty members. Professor Joe Qin, Dean of the School of Data Science, expressed his gratitude to Dr Martinez for her insights and experience sharing. He also announced at the event that the School is planning to hold the Distinguished Seminar Series monthly. Renowned scholars and award recipients will be invited to deliver talks on the latest developments or innovative topics related to data science.


Professor Jun WANG - Highly Cited Researcher 2019

We are proud to announce that Professor Jun WANG of the School of Data Science has been named as a highly cited researcher by Clarivate Analytics for 2019. Highly cited researchers are the world’s top 1% most referenced authors with works in Web of Science highly cited by their peers. It demonstrates Professor WANG’s significant impact on the ongoing research in his fields of study.

Please join us in congratulating Professor WANG for his continuous research achievements and recognitions.


2 JAN 2020
Welcome – New Dean (Professor S. Joe QIN)

The School of Data Science is excited to announce the appointment of Professor S. Joe QIN as Chair Professor of Data Science and concurrently as the inaugural Dean of School of Data Science.


Professor S. Joe Qin obtained his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Automatic Control from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, and his Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Maryland at College Park. He is currently the Director of the Center for Machine and Process Intelligence and Fluor Professor at the Viterbi School of Engineering of the University of Southern California.


Professor Qin is a Fellow of AIChE, IEEE, and the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC). He is a recipient of the National Science Foundation CAREER Award, the 2011 Northrop Grumman Best Teaching award at Viterbi School of Engineering, the DuPont Young Professor Award, Halliburton/Brown & Root Young Faculty Excellence Award, NSF-China Outstanding Young Investigator Award, and recipient of the IFAC Best Paper Prize for a model predictive control survey paper published in Control Engineering Practice. He has served as a Senior Editor of Journal of Process Control, Editor of Control Engineering Practice, a Member of the Editorial Board for Journal of Chemometrics, and Associate Editor for several journals. He has published over 400 international journal papers, book chapters conference papers and presentations, delivered over 50 invited plenary or keynote speeches and over 120 invited technical seminars worldwide. He received over 13,100 Web of Science citations with an h-index of 54, 17,000 Scopus citations with an h-index of 60, and 30,000 Google Scholar citations with an h-index of 70.


Professor Qin’s research interests include data analytics, machine learning, process monitoring and fault diagnosis, model predictive control, system identification, semiconductor manufacturing control, building energy optimization, and predictive maintenance.


30 DEC 2019
Welcome – New Professor (Professor Minghua CHEN)

The School of Data Science is pleased to announce that Professor Minghua CHEN joined us in December 2019. Prof Chen received his B.Eng. and M.S. from Tsinghua University and Ph.D. from UC Berkeley. His recent research interests include online optimization and algorithms, energy systems, intelligent transportation systems, and machine learning in networked and societal systems.


30 OCT 2019 - 大數據融入日常生活 各行各業對相關人才需求若渴 [明報] 訪問 剪報

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25 OCT 2019 - 全球各行業廣泛應用-大數據人才需求殷切-城大數據 [明報] 訪問


24 OCT 2019 - 香港城市大學數據科學學院開辦新課程 解決業界人才荒 [星島] 剪報


22 MAY 2019 - 物聯網配合大數據分析-建築設計越趨人性化 [明報] 訪問 短片 剪報


8 MAY 2019 - 大數據專才金融業吃香 [明報] 訪問 短片 剪報


24 APR 2019 - 初創企業活用大數據創商機 [明報] 訪問 短片 剪報


10 APR 2019 - 醫護界應用大數據成新趨勢 專才發展空間大 [明報] 訪問 短片 剪報

News - 2018-07-05

5 JUL 2018 - CityU seizes data science initiative [CityU NewsCentre]

Prof. Jonathan Zhu Elected an ICA Fellow

26 MAY 2018 - Prof. Jonathan Zhu Elected an ICA Fellow

The International Communication Association (ICA) has recent elected Prof. Jonathan Zhu as a Fellow, to recognize his three-decade contributions to political communication research, new media studies, and computational communication research. Prof. Zhu is a Chair Professor of Computational Social Science with a joint appointment between Department of Media and Communication and School of Data Science. He is also Director of Centre for Communication Research and Founder of Web Mining Lab. His current research focuses on interdisciplinary issues such www typology, social network sampling, and mobile data analytics, with results published in journals across social science, science, and engineering such as communication, economics, computer science, physics, and medical informatics. In the last six months, he supervised students to win three major awards from two national data competitions, including a Creative Exploration Award in the 2017 CCF Big Data and Computing Intelligence Competition and two First-place Awards in the 2018 China National Data Journalism Competition.