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「數據科學是充滿機遇的新興學科!」數據科學能預測變數並用於分析複雜問題,有助找出有效的策略。比如,在新冠疫情初始時,香港城市大學(下稱「城大」)數據科學學院的研究團隊已利用大數據驅動不同的建模模型,進行了多項相關研究。事實上,近年數據分析在各行各業廣泛應用,帶動社會對數據科學人才的需求。... [Read More]

Recently, the latest research findings on COVID-19 led by a team of Dr Qingpeng Zhang, Associate Professor of the School of Data S... [Read More]

Student representatives from SDSC, including Team Leader ZHAO Zihang (middle) and ZHANG... [Read More]

2021 was another year of challenges and perseverance.... [Read More]