SDSC Faculty Won the Outstanding Research Awards for Junior Faculty

Dr Qingpeng ZHANG

In 2021, four outstanding faculty members of CityU were conferred the Outstanding Research Award for Junior Faculty for their distinguished achievements, and Dr Qingpeng ZHANG, Associate Professor of the School of Data Science, is on the winner’s list.   

Dr ZHANG has longstanding and interdisciplinary research interests in medical informatics. His research team has built a series of mathematical models of the COVID-19 outbreak, and machine learning models to predict the severe infections of COVID-19 patients since the early stage of the pandemic. His work facilitated the decision making in combating the pandemic, and has been widely reported by international and local media. His group is also developing AI models for drug discovery and patient risk stratification. His recent work appeared in top journals such as Nature Communications, Gut, and Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. In 2021, Dr ZHANG was one of the eight faculty members from SDSC to receive the General Research Fund in the 2021-22 funding exercise, and also a recipient of a few other major grants.

Congratulations to Dr ZHANG on his exemplary research achievements! SDSC prides itself on fostering a strong research culture and this award is evidence that SDSC is home to a high-quality research capability and environment.