HKIDS and DataStory launch joint laboratory in AI and Big Data

HKIDS and DataStory launch joint laboratory in AI and Big Data

Hong Kong Institute for Data Science (HKIDS) and DataStory, one of the fast-growing unicorn enterprises in artificial intelligence (AI) in Mainland China, simultaneously signed a strategic collaborative agreement at a virtual ceremony between the two regions on 31 March.

The joint laboratory specifies in research areas including but not limited to KOL (Key Opinion Leader) Sales Model and Intelligence Recommendation.  It aims to establish a collaboration platform between academia and industries and catalyze the transformation of research outcome into business world.  The strategic agreement was signed by Dr Laura Lo, CityU’s Associate Vice President and Prof S. Joe Qin, Director of Hong Kong Institute for Data Science; Dr Yabo Xu, CEO of DataStory and Mr Xuri Li, CTO of DataStory.

The ceremony was witnessed by Prof Youhua Chen, Dean of CityU’s College of Business; Prof Minghua Chen, Assistant Director of Hong Kong Institute for Data Science, Dr Yu Yang, Assistant Professor of CityU’s School of Data Science; Ms Qingying Zhang, COO of DataStoy, Mr Zhihua Xu, Vice President of DataStory and Ms Shujuan Sun, Vice President of DataStory.  According to the agreement, the two parties will conduct research on data modelling and analysis, and jointly develop innovative application of big data and AI in online marketing intelligence.

Dr Xu, CEO of DataStory mentioned the emerging technology in AI and big data gave great change to the business model and operation, thus increases the needs of “Data x Academic” and “Data x Business” in the academic research and commercial world

Prof Qin, Director of HKIDS said the main roles of HKIDS are to spearhead incubating projects and intellectual properties, and to promote the social impact of new generation intelligent technology together with enterprises.  In future, HKIDS will collaborate with more top enterprises on R&D, or work on direct knowledge transfer.