Eight Faculty from the School of Data Science Receiving General Research Funds

Eight Faculty from the School of Data Science Receiving General Research Funds

Congratulations to our eight Faculty Members awarded General Research Fund (GRF). The Research Grants Committee has recently announced the results of the 2021-22 funding exercise of the GRF and ECS, our school has successfully obtained grants for a total of seven projects, plus one project in collaboration with CUHK. SDSC prides herself in developing a strong research culture and these funds continue to indicate that we have a high quality research capability and environment. Congratulations also to Professor Zhou Dingxuan for his success in getting the 25th GRF at CityU!

Details of the funded grants are as follows:

Name of PI Project Title Grant Awarded
Professor S. Joe QIN Dimension reduction modeling methods for high dimensional dynamic data in smart manufacturing and operations 1.1M
Professor Dingxuan ZHOU Theory of deep learning: from CNNs to RNNs 0.6M
Professor Jun WANG Neurodynamics-driven Optimization and Control of Intelligent Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems 0.8M
Professor Min XIE New Approaches for Reliability Analysis of Industrial Systems Subject to Multivariate Degradation 0.8M
Professor Minghua CHEN Competitive and Prediction-Aware Online Optimization for Storage-Assisted Demand Response under Load Uncertainty and Peak-Demand Charge 0.8M
Professor Junhui WANG Joint Modeling of Hypergraph Networks for Community Detection and Graph Embedding 0.6M
Dr Qingpeng ZHANG Optimizing Interventions for Changing HIV Risk Behaviors via Temporal Link Prediction in MSM Social Networks 0.5M
Profess Bensoussan Alain
(as Co-Investigator)

(In collaboration with Professor Yam, Phillip, Sheung-Chi of Department of Statistics, CUHK, as Principal Investigator)
General Theory for Infinite Dimensional Stochastic Control: Mean Field and Some Classical Problems 0.6M