Congratulations to Six Faculty Members from the School of Data Science Awarded GRF/ECS 2024-25

Congratulations to Six Faculty Members from the School of Data Science Awarded GRF/ECS 2024-25

The School of Data Science (SDSC) was awarded HK$5.3M for six research projects as part of the 2024/25 General Research Fund (GRF) and Early Career Scheme (ECS) announced by the Research Grants Council (RGC).

The RGC GRF/ECS exercise is a highly competitive research funding scheme that provides support for research projects conducted by eight UGC-funded universities in Hong Kong. SDSC prides herself in developing a strong research culture which indicates that we have a high quality research capability and environment.

We congratulate our Principal Investigators, including Professor Jianping WANG, Professor Zijun ZHANG, Professor Minghua CHEN, Professor Matthias TAN, Professor Jizhou LI and Professor Lijia WANG on their remarkable achievements, and look forward to their outstanding research outputs.

Details of the funded grants are as follows:

Name of Principle Investigator Project Title Grant Awarded Scheme
Professor Jianping WANG Real-time Map Construction and Utilization: An End-to-End Framework for Autonomous Driving 1.3M GRF
Professor Zijun ZHANG Data-driven Methods with Stronger Domain Generalizability for Machine Fault Diagnosis 1M GRF
Professor Minghua CHEN Developing Neural Network Schemes for Solving AC Power Flow Equations with Low Run-Time Complexity: Pursuing High-Voltage and Equality-Ensuring Solutions 1M GRF
Professor Matthias TAN An Improved Emulator for Bi-fidelity Computer Experiments with Ordered Monotonicity Information 0.5M GRF
Professor Jizhou LI Development of Advanced X-ray Microscopy for Decoding Particle Dynamics in Composite Battery Cathodes 0.8M ECS
Professor Lijia WANG Advancing Exposure Assessment of the Built Environment and Studying Its Associations with Various Health Outcomes 0.6M ECS

GRF and ECS success are the key performance indicators for research. Congratulations to the winners!