Dean’s Message


Data science is emerging as a multidisciplinary field which studies methodologies, tools, and theory for finding patterns, trends, insight, and actionable knowledge behind the complex data. Laying foundations on statistics, machine learning, and computer science, data science develops data-centric solutions, algorithms, and theory for modern engineering, business, medical, and scientific data analytics. While many world-leading universities have set up various initiatives in data science to address the shortage of well-educated data scientists at bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, CityU is very fortunate to have established one of the first data science schools in the world dedicated to educating undergraduate and postgraduate students and providing general education on data literacy to the students of the University.

Data science is transforming the way we solve engineering, science, and societal problems. As the internet, internet of things, clouding computing, mobile computing, and edge computing reach every corner of our life and work, data scientists derive insight and actionable information from data for various domain applications. Data science advancements have changed how people interact and businesses operate. Artificial intelligence now enables autonomous vehicles; the Internet of Things provides infrastructure and utilities for smart grid; the sharing economy, represented by companies such as Uber, DiDi and Airbnb, connects people to new marketplaces.

The School of Data Science at CityU offers comprehensive curricula in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to nurture future data scientists, who are urgently needed regionally and globally. We strive to provide a solid foundation in data science for students with specialized domain knowledge such as business analytics, financial technology, social media analysis, health informatics, engineering systems, and smart city technology. Our extensive industry partnerships and outreach will prepare students with real-world problem-solving skills. We are set to develop responsible and effective analytics that preserve privacy and enable cybersecurity. We embrace the opportunity and challenges to develop a world-class school of data science with lasting regional and global societal impacts.

I look forward to welcoming you to the school for education, partnership, and research collaborations to realize the potential and power of data science. While knowledge is power, we turn data into knowledge.

Professor S. Joe QIN
School of Data Science